MotoGP: Riders or super heroes?

MotoGP: incredible accidents, very fast recovery. Riders or super heroes? The riders of the Motorcycle Racing World Championship have accustomed us to exploits that would also be hard to conceive [...]

MotoGP 2020 Calendar – with Updates

It will probably be an Iberian-centric world championship, with 7 out of 12 races held on Spanish soil, including the four circuits of Jerez, Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Aragon

Main Sponsor, Front Sponsor and Minor Sponsor: a definition maze

Main Sponsor, Top Sponsor, Title Sponsor, Official Sponsor, Front Sponsor, Minor Sponsor: these are all types of sponsorship that fill up the Internet (and the newspapers), but often risk to lead [...]

MotoGP: the teams, the riders, the sponsors

On the eve of this MotoGP 2020 season, we want to present on our blog a complete guide to the eleven teams who will take part in the Championship. It is not the first time that on these pages we [...]

Advantages and disadvantages of sports sponsorship

If you’re considering adding sponsorship into a future corporate marketing plan, you’re probably wondering what the advantages and disadvantages are of investing in sports sponsorship. What are [...]

Why should you choose a sponsorship agency?

In an era where everything is just a click away, why should you choose a sponsorship agency to support you? Unfortunately, and probably because of its rather recent genesis, within the world of [...]

Mirco Lazzari’s ML Magazine – Issue 2

ML Magazine  is Mirco Lazzari's new feature of photography, sports, travel and culture. A new amazing point of view on Motorsport and Life, ML is the new adventure of one of MotoGP's most [...]

The future of MotoGP Sponsorship: an interview

In the past days RTR Sports Marketing have been interviewed by a prestigious sports magazine about the future of MotoGP sponsorship. Amidst the uncertainties raised in the sports industry by the [...]

What will sports marketing after Covid 19 Look like?

Sports Marketing and Coronavirus Covid-19 has hit hard on any sector of life. It has affected us and all that is dear to us: loved ones, habits and certainties. More than ever, this has been a [...]