Sponsorships and the Coronavirus. Diminishing the negative effects on investments in sports

Sponsorships and the Coronavirus. Is it possible to diminish the negative effects of epidemics and unpredictable catastrophes? Here are a few observations. This is both a burning and important [...]

MotoGP 2020 Calendar – with Updates

Dorna, the rights holder of the World Motorcycling Championship, have shared the provisional Calendar for the 2020 MotoGP season.There are a few interesting changes to the Championship's layout, [...]

The Complete 2020 MotoGP sponsor list

Below we publish the complete list of sponsors for the 2020 MotoGP Season, team by team. Some useful information for our little research, now in its second year. First of all, all the sponsors of [...]

Coronavirus and MotoGP: will COVID-19 change Grand Prix motorcycle racing?

The global spread of Coronavirus has forced organizers to cancel the race in Qatar and postpone the race in Malaysia. Ezpeleta and Dorna Sports assure us that there will be a 2020 MotoGP season, [...]

Sports complexes and sponsorship. Naming rights and more

Among the most interesting sports marketing opportunities, there is growing interest in all the activities related to sports facilities and complexes, i.e. stadiums, circuits, sports halls and [...]

Moto2 and Moto3 sponsorship: Why investing in smaller sporting series is more than just a good first step

It’s a commonly accepted belief that some sporting events, championships or series are less important than others. Most sports fans would quickly agree that a Serie B game is less compelling than [...]

Rossi stepping down? MotoGP today, sponsorship and the future

News that Valentino Rossi is out of the Yamaha MotoGP Team for 2021 radically changes the geography of MotoGP today: from the sport to sponsorship in MotoGP, the world of motorcycle racing is [...]

5 trends of MotoGP 2020 Sponsorship: what to expect for the new season

There is no doubt that there have been radical changes to the world of sports marketing and sponsorship in recent years: changes in the way sports are enjoyed, the removal of geographical [...]

Formula E: sponsorships, business and the future

The exponential growth of FIA full electric series is a significant signal given at both sport and sponsorship level to all professional championships and leagues, as well as to anyone engaged in [...]

Wishing to sponsor Formula E? We have 21 good reasons to be in the game.

Why should you sponsor Formula E? The reasons are many, in number and in type. Needless to say, the leading electric championship in the world is on a steady rise and it boasts a number of [...]