What’s the best position for my logo in a sponsorship deal?

In the right place at the right time! Sports sponsorship. Food for thought The marketing director gave us all the necessary information we needed to be able to put together a good proposal. [...]

What’s a sponsorship plan and how to use it

How to develop a Sponsorship Plan If you (rightly) decide to start sponsoring sport, it is good to make a plan to exploit all the opportunities related to your partnership. This is not a trivial [...]

Shedding a light on “Sports Marketing”. Sponsorship is finding its feet in this field.

In 2016, $60.1 billion was spent Globally by brand marketers on sponsorship deals. An increase of 4.6% from 2015 (IEG, 2017). This growing popularity of sponsorship deals is mainly due to 4 key [...]

Sponsorship Vs Advertising, strengths and weaknesses, a clear comparison

At RTR we deal only with sponsorships so we could be accused of being, if we stay in sports, supporters of sponsorship…and this is a necessary premise. We will, therefore, try to give you [...]

Is it better to partner with a team or to invest in advertising boards around pitches and tracks?

Stadiums and on track advertising: the main difference between the use of advertising boards and the sponsorship of a team. There is only one way of dealing with this subject: brutally. The [...]

Vinales, Rossi score important points for Yamaha in COTA showdown

Movistar Yamaha MotoGP’s Maverick Viñales delivered a strong podium result at the Grand Prix of The Americas today. Valentino Rossi was poised to follow in his teammate’s footsteps as [...]

Honda, Marquez remain unbeatable in Texas; take 6th straight Americas win

Competing in his 93rd MotoGP race, Marc Marquez rode the RC213V to his sixth straight win of the Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas MotoGP, the Spaniard having been unbeatable at COTA since the [...]

Do we have to pay a fee to the sponsorship agency? RTR Sports

You are a company that sells window frames, toothpaste, mobile phones, sofa or any other product or service. What would you answer if they asked you If they have to pay for your products or [...]

Can you find me a sponsor?

Looking for sponsorship? Can RTR Sports help you? No, we can’t. And, quite frankly, you should stop looking for one. Let’s try and be honest here, shall we, and take a good step back. Most of the [...]

Do I get to meet the riders with a MotoGP Pass?

Aaah, yes, meet MotoGP Riders… The eternal, never-fading, ever-lingering question is here again. But this time, I am ready. Again, I embrace it with perpetual docility and welcome it with [...]

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