Sponsorship and Women: a common misunderstanding

Many products are considered to be a prerogative of the female public. Therefore, we often hear: “We do not sponsor sports, because the purchasing manager is a woman”. There can be [...]

Sponsorship and hooligans. How to deal with violent fans

Unfortunately, the one between sponsorship and hooligans can be a tough combo to deal with. Can a sponsoring brand have problems because of the team’s supporters? Fans, especially in some [...]

Sponsorship: what happens if your team doesn’t win?

In sports (as in life) there can be only one winner. On the other hand, many lose, and quite often I am part of the category. The important thing is to be resilient and to stand up again. This [...]

Sports sponsorship and bonus covered by insurance

Sometimes sports sponsorships grant a bonus to athletes or teams linked to their results. The team winning the Champions League, the driver who becomes world champion, the National team that wins [...]

Why are foreign sponsors flooding European sports?

In order to understand the enormous power of sport sponsorship, and its effectiveness for businesses all over the world, a look at the Premier League clubs’ kit deals could be enough. Out of the [...]

2018 MotoGP: untamable Rossi takes LeMans podium

Movistar Yamaha MotoGP‘s Valentino Rossi showed once again you should never count him out for the race, regardless of his starting position. He displayed a competitive pace aboard his [...]

Marquez takes LeMans win, extends championship lead to 36

Marc Marquez enjoyed another fantastic race weekend, taking his third consecutive victory this season, the 64th of his career, and his 38th in MotoGP, equalling Casey Stoner’s Premier Class GP [...]

Sponsorship and sporting scandals. What happens when something goes wrong

Sponsorship programs can backfire, so the golden rule is to be ready for anything. What if the athlete or team we sponsor is caught using performance-enhancing drugs? What if in the middle of a [...]

How does sponsorship work?

Why begging for attention if you can be worshipped by your customer? There is no point in interrupting and begging someone for their attention when your brand can be embedded in something that [...]

Difference between sponsorship and partnership in sports

If you are an avid sports fan, or a markeeter yourself, you might have noticed a recent trend in the sports marketing scenario: the progressive switch from “sponsorship” to “partnership”. How are [...]

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