Licensing and co-branding: 2 opportunities to invest in sports marketing

If you’re looking to invest in sports marketing, you might be wondering what exactly licensing and co-branding are, and exactly how they work. At RTR Sports Marketing we’ve put together a short [...]

Championships, teams, and athletes – where should your sponsorship be focused?

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Marc Marquez takes a mighty win at Assen, in one of the best MotoGP races ever

The 70th Dutch TT at Assen will probably long be recalled by bike fans around the world as one of the best MotoGP races in the series’ history; the eight protagonists for a podium finish in [...]

Sponsorship scams and frauds: a very Italian problem

Unfortunately, in recent days we have had to read the latest in a series of cases where arrests in connection with false sports sponsorships and inflated invoices have come to light. This time [...]