Sports sponsorships: how much are they worth in football, F1, MotoGP and tennis?

As the recent partnership between Adidas and Real Madrid shows, sports sponsorship campaigns can be worth big money – sometimes into millions of pounds/dollars/euros. Because of this, it’s [...]

MotoE sponsorship: do not miss the chance

The first World Championship of the FIM MotoE series will be opened officially on May the 5th 2019 at the MotoGP race on the circuit of Jerez (Spain). This new series with its five-round calendar [...]

MotoGP sponsorship: the differences between sponsoring a rider and sponsoring a team

If you’ve decided to sponsor a sport (for example, MotoGP), and have gathered all the necessary information on teams and athletes, you might find yourself with one major question to answer [...]

Becoming a Formula E sponsor? Here are five good reasons

Formula E, the leading world championship of electric-powered cars, is currently in its fifth season. Proof of the success of this racing series is not only given by excellent television ratings [...]

Offline marketing vs social: 3 things to consider

It’s a question that brands involved in sports marketing are asking more and more – should I commit marketing spend online, or off? Here, we weigh up some of the factors involved. Direct [...]

How to contact the MotoGP teams

I put myself in the shoes of the Marketing director or Sponsorship Manager for a company needing to contact a MotoGP team in order to gather information on sponsorship packages. Maybe this [...]

From first contact to a sports sponsorship contract: 14 steps

How do we get from the idea of ​​sponsoring a team or athlete to signing a sports sponsorship contract? Here are some steps to keep in mind, including how long the process should take, preparing [...]

Download: 2019 MotoGP Calendar plus F1, FormulaE and MotoE

With the new year well underway, we thought it could be useful for all the petrolheads and sponsorship managers out there to get the racing calendars for the 4 main worldwide racing series, [...]

4 challenges riders and teams will face in MotoGP 2019

The new MotoGP season is underway, and managers and riders alike have been looking at the lessons learned in 2018 – and forecasting the challenges that they might face this year. Here are [...]

Jorge Lorenzo’s new challenge at Repsol Honda

After two years at Ducati, former MotoGP champion Jorge Lorenzo has made a bold move ahead of MotoGP 2019 and switched teams. Lorenzo’s move to Repsol Honda from Ducati for MotoGP 2019 comes with [...]

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