Suitcases, travel goods and MotoGP sponsorships

Racers and operators, mechanics and engineers, team technicians and staff involved in organisation activities: these are all the people who work in the MotoGP business, none excluded. They all [...]

Consumer electronics and MotoGP sponsorships: an everlasting marriage

Motorsports are synonyms with efficiency and reliability. The same efficiency and reliability, combined with low consumption, that consumers seek in the electric appliances they purchase. Shared [...]

Sports sponsorship in Ireland

Ireland: an island filled to the brim with passionate, sociable people, who love nothing more than a weekend spent socializing and watching sport. Because of the nation’s dedication to all manner [...]

Detergents, household products and sponsorships: a winning strategy

History has it that the world of motor racing has little to do with some product categories. If we made a list of such products, soaps and detergents would definitely be on top of it. My feeling [...]

The growth of sponsorship: global spending, geography and future

Annual spending in sponsorships The global spending in sports sponsorships is still on the rise: the total worldwide spending in this field went up to 65.8 billion dollars in 2018. This is [...]

Drink and Drive: why are so many brands of alcoholic drinks involved in motor sports sponsorships?

I was talking about sports marketing a few days ago and one of the most recurrent positions was that alcoholic drink producers should stay miles away from sponsorships in motorsports. At a [...]

Why do companies sponsor sports?

Sports ignite passion in their viewers, both those watching at home and those travelling to attend matches, races or tournaments. At RTR Sports Marketing, we’re often asked, “Why do companies [...]

Why do businesses sponsor events?

“Why do businesses sponsor events” you might ask. Sponsoring experiential experiences or live events might seem like a bit of an anomaly for a marketer, especially when there are so many [...]

How to sponsor a sports team

So, you’ve decided that you want to sponsor a sports team – congratulations! You’re about to embark on a journey that will put your brand at the forefront of the sport, engaging with a [...]

Sports Marketing Strategies

Let’s clear the air! Marketing may be associated to many definitions. Click this link and you will find over seventy of them: For the sake of [...]

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