Formula E and Formula 1 sponsorships: differences and affinities

The constant rise of Formula E sponsorships is linked to some aspects that are peculiar to this new and very lucky discipline, which range from environmental sustainability to racing in city [...]

Is the sport you intend to sponsor in good health? Here is a simple way to find out!

The title of this post may sound a bit provocative, but it is not. The motivations underlying the decision to sponsor a specific sport may be many: people making the decision may be fans of a [...]

What does sports sponsorship in Vietnam look like?

Vietnam might traditionally be seen as a nation that’s more invested in its football than its motorsports, but investments and additions to sporting calendars over the past few months might mean [...]

What does sport sponsorship look like in the Philippines?

The Philippines has been emerging as a popular tourist destination over the past few years, catching up with Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam to become one of the most sought-after destinations in [...]

Foodstuff & MotoGP: yes, you can!

Although some companies are willing to sponsor very popular sports, they sometimes refrain from doing so as they cannot see any connection with their products. Historically, the food industry is [...]

Exercise equipment, fitness and MotoGP sponsorships

Not merely riders, but extraordinary athletes!  The level of fitness required to tame highly performing vehicles such as today’s Grand Prix motorbikes is unbelievable. Can you imagine the [...]

What does sports sponsorship in Indonesia look like?

As countries like Vietnam and the Philippines move into the motorsport market, responding to the industry’s drive to expand further into Asia, it makes sense that the cultural and travel hotspot [...]

Forex Trading and MotoGP Sponsorship

Unlike in other sports, finance – Forex in particular – is not a frequent sponsor of the MotoGP. F1, football, sailing and many other sports have been – and still are – [...]

Clothing, fashion and sports: a failure-proof combination

Fashion and sports have very much in common: the former has drawn heavily on the latter, placing on the market a multitude of items that were formerly confined to specific activities or the gym. [...]

MotoGP Show Bikes: what are they? And how are they used?

Show bikes (also showbikes) are replicas of the motorbikes used by riders during competitions. The Teams normally make them available to major sponsors and partners for marketing purposes during [...]

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