MotoGP sponsorship: what it is, how it works and all you need to know

Sponsorship in MotoGP is a highly efficient tool for companies of any type to achieve their marketing and sales goals. The popularity of the World Motorcycling Championship, with its wide and [...]

Main Sponsor, Front Sponsor and Minor Sponsor: a definition maze

Main Sponsor, Top Sponsor, Title Sponsor, Official Sponsor, Front Sponsor, Minor Sponsor: these are all types of sponsorship that fill up the Internet (and the newspapers), but often risk to lead [...]

Sports events and tourism: a successful marriage

A largely growing trend in the context of sports marketing is the creation of a marketing bond between sports and the geographical areas where sports events take place. On the one hand, all great [...]

Sponsorship agreement: the sponsorship contract and sponsorship form

We happen quite frequently to be contacted through this blog and our email address – – for information on sports sponsorship agreements, such as “How do you write a [...]

International sponsorships in sports: why sport is key when you’re going global

As we all know, sponsorship is vital when companies want to go big and attack the global market with coherent, bold, effective campaigns. If you’re a brand with an international outlook, it’s [...]

Why is London such a good place for a sports marketing agency?

London is more than just a capital city – it’s also a centre for technology, creativity, digital leadership – and of course is also home to some of the world’s most successful and [...]

Advantages and disadvantages of sports sponsorship

If you’re a sports marketing fan, it’ll only take a quick browse of the internet to bump into a rather awkward question: “what are the advantages and disadvantages of sports sponsorship??” In [...]

Can we sponsor just one race? Local, Regional and Temporary sponsorship deals

We are present only in our country: can we sponsor just the home Grand Prix? Yes, you can, becoming sponsor of the weekend and more! MotoGP Sponsor of the weekend You can partner with a MotoGP [...]

What is the difference between sponsorship and donation?

As a brand that wants to support sports and invest in teams or athletes, it’s important to know what your aims are – and whether you want to provide monetary support only, or be involved in [...]

Sport sponsorship in Russia

There’s no question that Russia has been involving itself in the world of international sports for a long time. Before hosting last year’s Fifa World Cup, the Black Sea resort of Sochi held the [...]