Sponsorships and product categories: the guarantee of exclusivity

The initial step in any sports sponsorship programme is for the business to test which product categories are available. The Science of Commodities, the discipline that studies the nature, [...]

Sponsorship and pollution: a matter of consistency

A brief anecdote. Recently, the marketing manager of a company told me that they would not sponsor motor sports because of the polluting effects caused by cars and motorbikes. I was informed [...]

MotoGP Hospitality: Misano or Mugello?

Many people who contact us for information on our services ask us a recurring question: “Is Misano or Mugello the best opportunity?”. This is not a trivial or obvious question. The two major [...]

Pay TV and sponsors: visibility VS exclusivity

In his column titled “Ultimo giro” (lit. Last Lap) of the Italian weekly magazine Motosprint, Stefano Saragoni proposes an interesting insight in the history of the Motorcycle Racing World [...]

VIP Village for Dummies – Misano

What to do, what to expect, how to get organised if you are given a VIP Pass for one of the most beautiful Gp’s in the world: the San Marino race, aka Misano. MOTOGP AND THE VIP VILLAGE [...]

The cost of Formula 1 sponsorships

Several articles were posted in this blog for the purpose of giving an answer to one recurring question: “How much is …?”. This is a key question whenever a company is willing to start [...]

Sports Marketing types: marketing of sport and marketing through sport

A key crossroads for sports marketing consists in the one marked by the different sports marketing types. This discipline is very often addressed without considering the dual meaning of its name, [...]

MotoGP: Riders or super heroes?

MotoGP: incredible accidents, very fast recovery. Riders or super heroes? The riders of the Motorcycle Racing World Championship have accustomed us to exploits that would also be hard to conceive [...]

Things to do to become a MotoGP sponsor

Let’s start this post with an example. After some research and various meetings, a company eventually decides to invest in sports marketing to engage its target more efficiently. The company [...]

Sponsoring the Clinica Mobile: visibility and storytelling

The Clinica mobile is a medical facility established in the seventies that has been travelling with the world MotoGP and SuperBike championships ever since. It represents an excellent opportunity [...]

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