Wishing to sponsor Formula E? We have 21 good reasons to be in the game.

Why should you sponsor Formula E? The reasons are many, in number and in type. Needless to say, the leading electric championship in the world is on a steady rise and it boasts a number of [...]

The best sports marketing agencies for MotoGP

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MotoGP: back to Finland, at last!

According to the yet to be confirmed calendar of MotoGP 2020, the paddock will fly back to Finland to race on the KymiRing circuit after 39 long years. The romance between the Scandinavian [...]

Sponsorship and pollution: a matter of consistency

A brief anecdote. Recently, the marketing manager of a company told me that they would not sponsor motor sports because of the polluting effects caused by cars and motorbikes. I was informed [...]

MotoGP: Riders or super heroes?

MotoGP: incredible accidents, very fast recovery. Riders or super heroes? The riders of the Motorcycle Racing World Championship have accustomed us to exploits that would also be hard to conceive [...]

Things to do to become a MotoGP sponsor

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How sports sponsorships work in Italy and worldwide

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Sports sponsorships: highly effective, but with ever elusive resources

When did the sponsorship crisis begin in Italy? The easiest answer would be 2008 in conjunction with the economic crisis. Honestly, we are going through a perfect storm where multiple factors [...]

Good reasons to choose MotoGP sponsorship

RTR Sports Marketing has focused its core business on sponsorships in MotoGP and motorsports marketing ever since 1995. At RTR we specialise in the provision of consultancy services to companies [...]