5 trends of MotoGP 2020 Sponsorship: what to expect for the new season

There is no doubt that there have been radical changes to the world of sports marketing and sponsorship in recent years: changes in the way sports are enjoyed, the removal of geographical [...]

Wishing to sponsor Formula E? We have 21 good reasons to be in the game.

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MotoGP sponsor stickers: the reasons behind a marketing win

Key in “MotoGP Sponsor Sticker” in any search engine and enter the vast world of sticker kits you can use to decorate your motorbike and scooter like the roaring bikes of MotoGP. For engine [...]

MotoGP Sponsorship calculator – How much does a MotoGP sponsor cost?

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The Complete Sponsor List for the 2019 MotoGP Season

Below is the complete sponsor list for the Teams competing in the 2019 MotoGP Championship. All the companies and brands, alongside with every sponsorship project, have been extracted from the [...]

Sponsorships and product categories: the guarantee of exclusivity

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Sponsorship and pollution: a matter of consistency

A brief anecdote. Recently, the marketing manager of a company told me that they would not sponsor motor sports because of the polluting effects caused by cars and motorbikes. I was informed [...]

MotoGP Hospitality: Misano or Mugello?

Many people who contact us for information on our services ask us a recurring question: “Is Misano or Mugello the best opportunity?”. This is not a trivial or obvious question. The two major [...]

Pay TV and sponsors: visibility VS exclusivity

In his column titled “Ultimo giro” (lit. Last Lap) of the Italian weekly magazine Motosprint, Stefano Saragoni proposes an interesting insight in the history of the Motorcycle Racing World [...]