The best sports marketing agencies for MotoGP

Sometimes we are asked by potential customers which Sports Marketing Agency they should consider for their activities around MotoGP and motorsports in general. It’s a valid question – after [...]

MotoGP: back to Finland, at last!

According to the yet to be confirmed calendar of MotoGP 2020, the paddock will fly back to Finland to race on the KymiRing circuit after 39 long years. The romance between the Scandinavian [...]

MotoGP Hospitality: Misano or Mugello?

Many people who contact us for information on our services ask us a recurring question: “Is Misano or Mugello the best opportunity?”. This is not a trivial or obvious question. The two major [...]

Pay TV and sponsors: visibility VS exclusivity

In his column titled “Ultimo giro” (lit. Last Lap) of the Italian weekly magazine Motosprint, Stefano Saragoni proposes an interesting insight in the history of the Motorcycle Racing World [...]

VIP Village for Dummies – Misano

What to do, what to expect, how to get organised if you are given a VIP Pass for one of the most beautiful Gp’s in the world: the San Marino race, aka Misano. MOTOGP AND THE VIP VILLAGE [...]

Sports Marketing types: marketing of sport and marketing through sport

A key crossroads for sports marketing consists in the one marked by the different sports marketing types. This discipline is very often addressed without considering the dual meaning of its name, [...]

Things to do to become a MotoGP sponsor

Let’s start this post with an example. After some research and various meetings, a company eventually decides to invest in sports marketing to engage its target more efficiently. The company [...]

Making the best possible use of a paddock pass

Access to the MotoGP paddock after long coveting You have always been a fan of Valentino, Marquez or Dovizioso and you have eventually succeeded in finding a paddock pass. What’s next now? What [...]

8 tips to make the best out of a MotoGP Grand Prix weekend

Lovers of motor sports will find nothing more exciting than a weekend at the racing track. The smell of tyres biting the asphalt, roaring engines and the passionate enthusiasm of the audience [...]