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Several articles were posted in this blog for the purpose of giving an answer to one recurring question: “How much is …?”. This is a key question whenever a company is willing to start a sponsorship project and it is necessarily one of the first questions a sports marketing agency like ours is asked.

This post is intended to examine the cost of sponsorships in Formula 1. The major car racing championship has always been one of the most interesting disciplines for sports marketing scholars and a frequent case study in the world of sponsorships. Formula 1 was actually the discipline that triggered the development of the modern concept of sports sponsorship, starting from the middle of the past century, and it still is the discipline scoring many of the most astonishing achievements in this field.  Like MotoGP, its valid counterpart on two wheels, F1 enjoys a very wide and planetary visibility thanks to its extraordinary (and very rare) peculiarity of being a travelling communication platform: either every 7 or 15 days the F1 circus visits a different country, offering on-site engagement possibilities, hospitality opportunities, and so on.

History has it that the major Formula is one of the most expensive sports to invest in. In common imagery, Ferrari, Mercedes and McLaren are not merely Teams, but they rather represent the very essence of speed, performance, excellence and technology. The truth is that F1 sponsorships have a very wide investment range: they can go from 200 million – the amount invested by Red Bull – to 100,000 Euro which is the cost for a low-end sponsorship that all teams in the grid typically receive.

When it comes to money invested in the teams, the F1 scenario is quite large and the difference is marked by partners, sponsors and the so-called Prize Money, i.e. the amount that the championship organiser allocates to the Teams, based on their positions, victories and other parameters.

With the help of the Business Book let’s try and find a detailed answer to our initial question, starting from a comprehensive outlook on the Formula 1 sponsors and partners. Numbers have been sorted in tables broken down by team and each team is associated to its sponsors, partners and prize money.  Data refer to the end of the 2017 season.

(Formula E is very important too now: Discover more about the Formula E opportunities and about Formula E Sponsorship Agency)


Partners and Sponsors of the Williams Martini Racing F1 Team

Martini15,0 M
Rexona15,0 M
Randstad3,0 M
JCB3,0 M
Avanade2,0 M
BT2,0 M
Hackett0,1 M
Oris2,0 M
Symantec0,1 M
Michael Caines0,1 M
Dtex0,1 M
PPG0,1 M
Alpinestrars0,8 M
Dicastal0,1 M
EOS0,1 M
Cybe0,1 M
SIA0,1 M
Stroll30 M
Pirelli2,5 M
Prize Money111,0 M
TOTAL39,1 M150,2 M

Partners and Sponsors of the Sahara Force India F1 Team

BWT6,0 M
Cartesiano Hotel1,5 M
Claro5,0 M
Felio Siby3,0 M
Hype2,0 M
Infinitum2,0 M
Inter2,0 M
Johnnie Walker2,0 M
Kingfisher2,0 M
Magnesium W2,0 M
Meza Sports2,0 M
NEC3,0 M
Quaker State2,0 M
Telcel5,0 M
TelMex5,0 M
w66.COM0,5 M
Alpinestar0,5 M
Koni0,15 M
Ornagebus0,1 M
Univa0,1 M
BDSystems0,1 M
Adaptavist0,1 M
Apsley0,1 M
Aqueous Guard0,1 M
The Roastery0,1 M
Branded0,1 M
Condeco0,1 M
Farah0,1 M
Gtechniq0,1 M
Itec0,1 M
motorstore.com0,1 M
Schuberth0,1 M
Still0,1 M
STL0,1 M
UPS Direct0,1 M
VOIP Unlimited0,1 M
Pirelli2,5 M
Prize Money85 M
TOTAL50,6 M94,45 M

Partners e Sponsors of the Renault Sport Formula 1 Team

Renault20,0 M80,0 M
Infiniti10,0 M15,0 M
Castrol10,0 M20,0 M
Eurodatacar3,0 M2,0 M
Mapfre3,0 M
Microsoft4,0 M1,0 M
BP Ultimate2,0 M
Bell & Ross2,0 M
Genii Capital2,0 M
3d Systems0,5 M
Alpinestars0,3 M
APL0,5 M
Boeing0,5 M
Elysium0,5 M
+GF+0,25 M
Matrix0,25 M
OZ0,25 M
Perkinelmer0,2 M
Pirelli2,5 M
Prize Money90,7 M
TOTAL54,2216,95 M

Partners and Sponsors of the Red Bull Racing Formula 1 Team

Red Bull200,0 M
Rauch4,0 M
Tag Heur5,0 M
Mobil 15,0 M
Puma1,0 M
Citrix1,0 M
IBM0,5 M2,5 M
Hisense2,0 M0,1 M
Aston Martin1,0 M1,0 M
AT&T0,5 M1,5 M
Siemens0,5 M1,5 M
Simplivity0,5 M
Pirelli2,5 M
Prize Money184,5
TOTAL220,5 M209,1 M

Partners and Sponsors of the Scuderia Toro Rosso

Red Bull50,0 M
Estrella Galicia2,0 M
Acronis2,0 M
Edifice Casio2,0 M
GI Group0,2 M
Riedel0,2 M
App Tech0,2 M
Red Bull Mobil0,1 M
Hangar 70,1 M
Pirelli2,5 M
Prize Money65 M€
TOTAL56,068,3 M

Partners and Sponsors of the McLaren Honda

Honda100,0 M200,0 M
Johnnie Walker10,0 M
SAP4,5 M0,5 M
Richard Mille2,0 M
Santander2,0 M
Hilton1,5 M1,5 M
Chandon1,0 M1,5 M
CNN0,5 M2,5 M
Star Sport India1,0 M
Michael Kors0,5 M
NTT0,5 M
Norton RF0,5 M
Great Britain0,5 M
Castrol2,0 M
Stratasys0,5 M
Calsonic Kanesi0,5 M
Akebono0,5 M
Logitech0,5 M
Enkei0,5 M
Nielsen Sports0,5 M
Volvo Trucks0,3 M
Kenwood0,5 M
Mazak0,5 M
Sparco0,3 M
Akzonobel0,3 M
Technogym0,1 M
Pirelli2,5 M
Prize Money112 M
TOTAL122 M329,7 M

Partners and Sponsors of the Scuderia Ferrari

Philip Morris37,5 M
Alfa Romeo92,0 M8,0 M
Santander30,0 M0,5 M
Shell24,0 M3,0 M
Kaspersky2,0 M20 M
UPS20,0 M3,0 M
Weichai2,0 M
Hublot2,0 M
Mahle1,0 M
OMR1,0 M
Singha1,5 M0,5 M
Rayban2,0 M
Puma1,0 M0,5 M
Infor1,0 M
Swisse1,0 M
Experis1,0 M
SKF2,5 M
Magneti Marelli2,5 M
NGK0,5 M
Brembo0,5 M
Riedel0,3 M
Iveco0,3 M
Bell0,3 M
Oz0,3 M
Honeywell2,5 M
Technogym0,2 M
Veuve Clicquot0,1 M
Pirelli2,5 M
Prize Money204,5 M
TOTAL216 M257,5 M

Partners and Sponsors of the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team

Mercedes – Benz50,0 M200,0 M
Petronas40,0 M1,0 M
UBS2,0 M2,0 M
Qualcomm3,5 M5,5 M
Epson4,0 M
Bose3,0 M
Hugo Boss3,0 M
IWC2,0 M
Monster2,0 M
Wihri2,0 M
OMP0,3 M
Tumi0,1 M
TATA com0,3 M
DB Schenker0,1 M
Assos0,1 M
Spies Hecker0,1 M
Schuberth0,1 M
Pirelli2,5 M
Prize Money172 M
TOTAL112,5 M385 M

Partners and Sponsors of the Sauber F1 Team

Silanna20,0 M
Edox1,0 M
Modo1,0 M
Autobild0,5 M
Errea Sport0,5 M
Malbuner0,5 M0,5 M
Mitsubishi Elec.0,5 M
Netapp0,1 M
OMP0,3 M
Swiss fibertec0,3 M
Thomann 0,3 M
Walter Meier0,6 M
Brutsh Ruegger0,5 M
Carbon Connect0,5 M
HP enterprise2,0 M
Interoll0,2 M
MTO0,2 M
Riedel0,2 M
Singapur Air1,0 M
Vebego0,1 M
Pirelli2,5 M
Prize Money56,6 M
TOTAL 23,5 M67,4 M€


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The cost of Formula 1 sponsorships
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The cost of Formula 1 sponsorships
Several articles were posted in this blog for the purpose of giving an answer to one recurring question: “How much is …?”. This is a key question whenever a company is willing to start a sponsorship project
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