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There can be little doubt it was a smart move from the F1 organization and the F1 chiefs to set up a live show in the very heart of Britain’s capital just hours before the British Grand Prix. It’s not everyday that fans, petrolheads and racing enthusiasts get to see the world’s best single-seaters right before their very eyes. Even with today’s hight quality TV coverage standards, it’s tough not to get goosebumps when you hear these engines roar in the flesh, or catch a glimpse of a Ferrari zooming by.

F1 London Grand Prix?

Add the fascination of one of London’s most iconic settings, Trafalgar Square, and sure you’ve got yourselves a nice afternoon.

However, Chase and Co. could be keeping the pot boiling for the upcoming future.

With a brand-new law being passed, allowing motor races to be held on the streets of London, we delve into how close Britain is from being able to have a London Grand Prix.

British Motorsport not only Silverstone GP…

In this piece, we’ll uncover why there hasn’t been a London GP in the past, what this means for Silverstone and even where the circuit will most likely be.

We’ll also find out what some of motor racing’s top personnel feel about the possibility of a London GP in London Streets


london grand prix

F1 London Grand Prix


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