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The Formula One Group has confirmed that it is establishing its first permanent office in New York in order to increase its commercial and marketing reach in the US.

The specific location of the  F1 New York office or how many executives will be based there has not been announced but Norman Howell, director of communications at Formula One, confirmed that “we are opening a small commercial office” that will be predominantly dealing with the “sponsorship side of things”.


Source: Sports Pro Media

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  • Anthony S Toulon

    I am very hopeful that a NY based, FORMULA 1 office will be established in the NEW YORK area.
    My son, a GRADE B+/ A, High School Student, currently in his Sophomore year , has been an ardent Formula 1 Fan for years. If a NY Area Office is established, he would be a very enthusiastic individual, willing to participate in any Internship Based Program, F1 would be willing to offer. We are very much excited about any opportunities the agency may be able to afford.

    Thank you,
    Anthony S. Toulon

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