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Sports Sponsorship as a tool for Customer Engagement

He could be the perfect customer, but he’s not paying attention

The guy on the right is Christian. He is a 34 year-old web designer from Rotterdam, Holland. He could be your perfect customer, but it’s hard to get in touch with him. He watches movies on Netflix and listens to music on Spotify, so he’s dodging your ads. Moreover, the AdBlocker on his computer is pushing your CPC away and the filters on his email clients turns your DEM into spam.

The guys on the right are MotoGP riders. They race 18 rounds a year, in 15 nations across 5 continents, in a Championship streamed live to 369 Million homes a race.

Guess what now? Christan is an avid MotoGP fan, and while he is not paying attention to what you say, he’s paying close attention to every move those riders do on the track.

If that does not ring a bell, I don’t know what does.


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