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how does sponsorship work?Why begging for attention if you can be worshipped by your customer?

There is no point in interrupting and begging someone for their attention when your brand can be embedded in something that they really want to watch and that they like.  That’s exactly how sponsorship works.

Moreover, advertising after hindering what the audience has chosen to do (e.g. watching a movie) shows them products and services that most of the time they are not looking for.

Good for brand awareness you’d say…but are you sure that these continuous interruptions don’t generate resentment in the people on which advertisers endlessly force insurance policies, biscuits, cars, holiday packages and funeral services that they obviously do not want to buy at the moment?

Assuming that just 3% of them are ready to buy (  ) have you ever considered that when entering someone’s place it is good courtesy to knock on the door and ask for permission? And that the less invasive you are the better it is?

Obviously, this is not the way advertising works and that’s why the long love story between the public and commercials is finished. Even the relatively young Digital advertising industry is in trouble, and that’s why the savviest companies are looking very much for more efficiency on that side as well.

How can we address this situation?

How can we communicate effectively and efficiently without wasting time, money and effort? Consider putting your logo where the 100% of the consumer attention is focused! It is a simple process, easy to understand: you put your brand on a show that they love to watch.

And if you do so, they will link your brand to something they like…

You will build a relationship with them because while you are not trying to sell them anything, they’ll recognize you and associate you with something they appreciate and they will remember you when they will need to get what you produce.

So you aim not only to the 3% who have an urgent need to satisfy but you talk to all the people who potentially will need your service now and in the future. You build a relationship based on a shared passion that leads to trust. Trust in the brand and in its products that will ultimately lead to more sales. That’s how sponsorship works

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