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Are you looking to boost your Facebook strategy? Learn what a Facebook social media strategy should include. Engage people is really important for your strategy, make them feel important and you’ll really capture their attention. Start to create social media marketing objectives, to analyse your target and to create quality content for a Facebook social media strategy that works well.

How to boost you Facebook Strategy

In this post you’ll find some steps for your facebook strategy and a free tool to expand your Audience, at the end of the article.

1: Questions

Start with a question if you want to grab attention, and try to understand their points of view.

2: Make you audience part of your strategy

Ask questions that require action.

3: Create Interest

Create posts interest using the words “new” and “easy.”

4: Inspire

Describe your offer in the better way you can.Focus on a specific benefit of your product and create desire. Facebook Nescafè Post Case created to promote decaffeinated coffee.

humour nescafè

5: Write about benefits of your product.

If you combine the benefit with the word “free” your offer starts to sound good.

6: Persuasion

Revealing that many people have already tried your  product.  Write about social proof: “1,000 people have already tried it”.

7: Call to Action

Call to action is important . Tell people exactly what you want them to do. Even if the action seems obvious to you, it helps.

8: Provoke

Using images in your posts helps engagement

9: Get personal

Get personal with your photos. Share things that are happening in your day and also relate to your business.

10: Be simple

Make it a habit to respond to comments quickly. Ask questions and respond to comments regularly.

11: Post in the events 

If you have events on Facebook, post in the events to get more visibility.

12: Post to Your Page and Profile

If you occasionally share your business page posts on your profile, you can extend your reach.

13: Create Videos

Videos are important on Facebook. Facebook videos get high visibility in the news feed. Create original videos. When you create a new ad campaign, you can choose various objectives for your video ads. Choose Video Views  for your Facebook video ad.

14: Add a personal touch

Use visual content which can help differentiate you from others. Incorporate humor and have fun.

15:  Be Friendly and increase reach with photos

Facebook needs the human factor. It was created as a way for friends to share photographs and connect.

And finally, if you’re looking for engagement facebook tools for free: SumoRank, analyze what performs best for any Facebook Page



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