Can we sponsor just one race? Local, Regional and Temporary sponsorship deals

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We are present only in our country: can we sponsor just the home Grand Prix? Yes, you can, becoming sponsor of the weekend and more!

MotoGP Sponsor of the weekend

You can partner with a MotoGP Team for a single race and become a sponsor of the weekend. It’s not a very common practice, but it can be done: some teams accept one shot agreements.

This kind of deals give the sponsors the chance to test firsthand the services of a team and often a fling can become a steady relationship. These operations are linked to a single Country, and they are not a novelty. Just look at the Regional Partner page for Manchester United to get an idea of what I am talking about

Sometimes, companies need to limit their communication geographically, and this need can be satisfied with sponsorship.

Regional Sponsorship: how it works

Non-exclusive Product Category and Territorial limitation

These sponsorship packages contain marketing rights that are limited to one or more nations and these rights are not granted exclusively. The sponsor can use said rights only in the territories nominated in the signed contract.

The advantage for the companies, when signing this kind of agreements, consists in the possibility of investing their communication budgets exactly where they want it to be spent.

For the teams the advantage is that they can explore deeply the commercial potential of a certain product category, selling but limiting territorially, the same rights to different Companies in different Nations. Obviously, the companies have to operate in their market and there could not be any overlapping, in few words they cannot be competitors.

By doing so, a team can serve more clients and can cash more money, than the amount that one can foresee for certain categories. At the same time, this way to operate gives to teams the opportunity to reduce the package’s prize, making it accessible to a larger number of potential clients.

Temporary Sponsorship deals

Non Exclusive Product Category, Territorial limitation and exploitation Time

Sometimes you can add to product category and territory limitation a third limit linked to time. We are looking at a sponsorship package that it is valid for a single event, can be communicated in a single Nation and can be used for a limited period of time.

This sponsorship’s variation can be useful for those who, in a certain moment, needs huge visibility in a certain territory. Classic examples are the launch of a movie or of a video game that have seen more than once riders, teams and drivers used as a sounding board.

This flexibility can go as far as granting the title sponsor for a single race or for a summer tournament…You can, if you want, give the colours to a team in the home grand prix and be the absolute protagonist.

I attach some examples.

Batman and the Lotus  F1 Team

Marco Melandri and the Spiderman Livery

Jorge Lorenzo and Call of Duty


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