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MotoGP 2020 Calendar Update – May 29, 2020, h 10.00 am

As European nations laboriously begin to think about the post-COVID-19, Dorna and the FIM are putting together the pieces of the 2020 MotoGP calendar, torn apart by the Coronavirus emergency. Nothing is certain yet, and undoubtedly much will depend on the development of the pandemic and the individual measures taken by the different Countries in search of a difficult balance between economic recovery and public health.

Among the strongest points, there is certainly the impossibility of holding events outside Europe and the consequent need to race several times on the same circuit, both to limit travels as much as possible and to guarantee a sufficient number of stages in order to assign the title.

It will probably be an Iberian-centric world championship, with 7 out of 12 races held on Spanish soil, including the four circuits of Jerez, Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Aragon. In addition, two Italian and two Austrian stages, respectively in Misano Adriatico and at the Red Bull Ring, from which Formula 1 planned to restart.

Finally, MotoGP will be (and this is almost certain) behind closed doors, with empty stands, deserted hospitality, and limited access for staff and professionals. Moreover, the entrances for the same teams are also quoted, because just 25 people of non-official teams and 40 official teams can be admitted.

If it seems obvious to confirm the uncertainty – the official decisions will probably arrive next week – it appears clear that it will be a very different World Championship in comparison with the previous ones.

However, this first new draft of the MotoGP 2020 calendar can and must be a signal of optimism. Motorbikes on the track do not represent just a good starting point to join again the races, but also a way to bring the fans closer together, as well as giving relevance to the sponsors again.

119 luglio 2020Jerez de La FronteraGran Premio di Spagna
226 luglio 2020Jerez de la FronteraGran Premio di Andalusia
39 agosto 2020BrnoGran Premio della Repubblica Ceca
416 agosto 2020SpielbergGran Premio d’Austria / 1
523 agosto 2020SpielbergGran Premio d’Austria / 2
66 settembre 2020Misano AdriaticoGran Premio di San Marino / 1
713 settembre 2020Misano AdriaticoGran Premio di San Marino / 2
827 settembre 2020Motorland AragonGran Premio di Aragon / 1
94 ottobre 2020Motorland AragonGran Premio di Aragon / 2
1018 ottobre 2020BarcellonaGran Premio di Catalogna
1125 ottobre 2020ValenciaGran Premio di Valencia / 1
121 novembre 2020ValenciaGran Premio di Valencia / 2
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