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How much is a MotoGP Sponsorship? How much does it cost to become a partner in the top class of motorcycle racing? And what elements should be taken into account when planning a sponsorship program with a Team in MotoGP, Moto2 or Moto3?

To answer these questions, RTR Sports Marketing is proud to introduce the MotoGP Sponsorship Calculator, the first ever free digital tool to estimate the cost of your sponsorship in the pinnacle of two-wheel racing.

Just complete the following form to have a figure of how much your tailor-made sponsorship programme could cost.

Finally, a word of warning: remember the MotoGP Sponsorship Calculator only generates ballpark figures. These numbers should not be taken as Gospel, but rather should be used to have an order of magnitude of your investment. Each and every sponsorship programme needs to be verified and built with professional sponsorship agencies such as RTR Sports Marketing.

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  • Demitri

    May be plus howmany audience will get

    • Emanuele Venturoli

      Sure, but agencies like us and Teams know the audience of MotoGP in each territory. So that is not a variable, rather a constant, year on year.

  • Gianluca Prevedello

    Ciao Emanuele, potresti contattarmi, vorrei sponsorizzare alcune gare di moto 3,

  • Nuno Esteves


    sarei interessato alla sponsorizzazione per la moto3, mi potrebbe contattare in merito?


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