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Sponsoring a MotoGP Team

Sponsor a team in MotoGP costs between 50.000 Euro and 15 Mil I wrote in a previous post that raised a lot of curiosity and quite a few questions and that, for your convenience,  you can find here

I will try to answer the main question (“How much do sponsorship packages cost and and what do they include?”) with some orientative indications. To begin with, we have to clarify that a sponsorship deal always gives the partner some marketing rights that we can summarize as the right to use name, fame and image of the team (when wearing their uniform) in any communicaton activities (previous approval).

MotoGP Sponsorship: a price range

The starting point is: a sponsorship in MotoGP can cost from few tens of thousands of euros to around 15 Mil. Between this two figures there is a world, let’s try to make some distinctions.

These distinctions are approximate because, as you can imagine, the required budget varies a lot on the basis of:

  • Team status (official Team, Satellite Team, Privateer)
  • Level/Status of the riders (a world champion costs much more than a rookie)
  • Team performance in the previous years (it is natural that a winning team costs more and it is worth more, it is on camera more and generates more visibility for its sponsors)

I stop now to these three differentiating elements and I go straight into a generic panoramic of the market. I cannot stress enough that the market is fluid and what is real and true now could be not valid within six months

MotoGP Sponsorship Costs

50.000 € -Partner

This is the entry level for some MotoGP Teams, with this amount you can buy some marketing rights and the possibility to do storytelling. You cannot expect a real increase of your brand awareness (if the logo is shown at all it could be on the truck and on the website). Generally, these are packages favoured by B2B companies wishing to use the hospitality and willing to add some spice to their program. Sometimes companies whose core business is related to motorbikes intervene at this level because of the direct endorsement derived from participating in an activity linked to their core business.

Between 50.000 and 150.000 € – Technical Sponsor/Official sponsor

On some teams it is possible to have a little space on motorbikes/riders , box panels, interview’s backdrop, trucks and other team means of transport , headed paper, website etc etc. This package is very similar to the previous one but due to some exposure of your Logo you start to gain some seconds of visibility on traditional and digital Media. Just think about the more than 200 countries that air the race live on TV.

Between 150.000 and 500.000 € – Official Sponsor

With this amount, you can talk with teams that constantly score points and you can get fair sized spaces on satellite Teams or slightly smaller spaces on official Teams. This is the classic situation in which you must have a clear idea of what you really want, it is a strategic choice you have to operate and you have to take into account the B2B potential of a direct link with an official team

Between 500.000 and 2/3 Million € – Major Sponsor

With similar budgets, you can approach any team and expect good visibility for your brand. You must be aware that not always a bigger space guarantees more visibility on TV, a medium size logo on a winning team is certainly more visible than a bigger one positioned on a less performing one. Having said that, visibility it is not everything. One has to consider the services (level, quantity and flexibility) that the teams offer to their partner. On the ROI we will write later

Between 3 and 5 Million € – Main Sponsor

With this budget, you can build a sponsorship program rich of all the bits that will give you the possibility to plan different activities at the track and far from the track, this is a sure recipe for success. Not only extensive exposure of your logo on the bike that will translate in an immediate increase of brand awareness but much more such as, for example: use of the showbike (trade fair, producat launch, promotional activities) visits to the team headquarters, possibility to organize ad Hoc events with the team’s personnel and with the riders,a large number of Paddock passes etc etc. You are among the relevant sponsors of the MotoGP world Championship.

Between 6/7 and 15Million Euro – Title Sponsor  

You are a Title Sponsor MotoGP now, the livery of the bikes are in your colours, you give your name to the team and you can rest assured that you will be seen extensively at any of each of the 19 races transmitted to over 200 countries. You can afford the luxury to simplify your communication with a single topic all over the world. Managed centrally and implemented locally. A travelling communication, promotional and PR platform touching 5 continents over 9 months. This platform will allow you to host events, run promotions, gain visibility, be on the press in some of the richest market in the world. More than 28.000 hours of live TV (Source Dorna 2018) will guarantee a spectacular ROI.

The topic is vast, and I tried to finish it up quickly, if you have any curiosities do not refrain to contact us at

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