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Snapchat it’s a mobile app that allows you to send pictures and videos. This social media play a great role in social media and sport marketing today. How does Snapchat works? Every Snap has a life of few seconds. Snapchat users create “live stories”, with content focusing on a specific theme or event: this is a “smart way” to tell the same story with different points of view. This feature is important in sports and sports marketing in general.

Snapchat and Sport Marketing

snapchat and sports marketing

Earlier this year, Snapchat launched a channel called My Story, with this channel Snapchat users can create videos.

With this feature, Snapchat users can send messages and videos called “Snaps”. After few times these Snaps will be erased. This new feature can be used by sport brands, franchises and teams. Snapchat is simple to use: users and brands can write in a friendly way like a private conversation.
Snapchat’s speed makes this social media the best platform to offer coupons or giveaways with short lifespan.
With Snapchat you can also capture, preview new products, inform your customers about special sales and events, promote behind-the-scenes footage, photos, actions.

Do you use Snapchat in your marketing strategy? What do you think about?

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