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How much does it cost to sponsor a MotoGP Team? This is the most asked question we receive at . Unfortunately, this is the classic question which is almost impossible to answer, or the answer can only be very much does it cost to sponsor a motogp team?

Sponsor MotoGP Team: the costs

If I tell you that a MotoGP sponsorship package costs between few tens of thousands of Euro and 15 Million I’m telling you the truth but this answer will not be very useful to you ( read more about motogp sponsorship costs)

Any and each sponsorship package is different and it is based on the actual needs of the company, so if a company wants to explore this sector the first thing that it has to do is to set clear marketing and commercial objectives.

Bear in mind that motorsport sponsorship, unlikely the traditional advertising activities, offers you a myriad of opportunities that you have to consider when putting together your budget

Just to give you an example, if among the marketing rights you bought there is the chance to use the team’s hospitality you will have to consider the cost of hotels and logistics for your guests, and this concept applies to all the linked activities (such as promotions, competitions, customer engagement, just to name a few )

The next step consists in an initial phone call to tell us your objectives and how you would like to go about them, maybe using MotoGP as a marketing tool. From there it’s our job to give you all the instruments to reach those objectives and even overcome them.

On the basis of your objectives and of your budget (that must already be determined) we will be able to suggest you the right team (we will start our journey checking that your business sector is available with the team we think could be the right choice – most of the sponsorship deals benefit from an esclusivity on their sector that prevent a company to intervene if a competitor is already there).

Sponsoring MotoGP Team: endless opportunities

We will then study the various opportunities and we will deliver you what we think is the best package for you. We act as independent consultants so we can afford the privilege to always tell the truth, avoiding to force the sale. Not having a limitation in terms of sport properties to offer is a real advantage for all the parties.

Only programs with a solid foundation stand the chance to be successful and to last many years and this is a common objective. When this happens, all the parties benefit more and longer than in a “single shot” operation.

To quickly summarize, a sponsorship in MotoGP can cost between 40/50K and 15Million Euros.

Before contacting us please do concentrate on your objectives and set a budget you would like to invest, we will be delighted to help you to find or assemble the best solution and to accompany you in a world full of possibilities that will be able to give you great satisfaction and sound commercial and marketing results

For your free consultancy please you can always reach us at

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