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There’s a thin line between smart provocation and bad taste. Cross that line and what might have been a clever marketing operation turns into commercial suicide.

Sergio K, a Brazilian designer with a fling for football (but then again, he’s Brazilian) crossed that line with a new collection of tshirts, especially crafted for the upcoming FIFA World Cup held in his home country. However, the wording on the tshirts are more than just controversial. From “Cristiano Ronaldo is Gay” to “Messi Cabron”, from “Zidane is Over” to “Maradona Bitch”, not even the italian flamboyant striker Mario Balotelli is missing, with his own “Balotelli is a loser” tshirt.

No need to look any further: this is terrible marketing and and awful idea. However, at the same time, we’re pretty sure Sergio K won’t lack customers.

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