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The ABCs of MotoGP Hospitality

There can be little doubt MotoGP hospitality packages are one of the best ways to enjoy a weekend of racing and one of the most powerful tools in sports marketing. With this “ABC of MotoGP Hospitality” we want to provide you with some information and detail about the wonderful experience of being in track with the pinnacle of two-wheel racing. Although not quite a comprehensive list, we hope this quick overview can be both mouth-watering and informative. Of course, and as always, should you need more information about MotoGP packages, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will be in touch in minutes. Alright then, here we go.

Discover our new 2018 ABC of MotoGP Hospitality!

A – Accounts

On site accounts are key to properly enjoy a MotoGP weekend. With their experience they can show you the best behind-the-scenes, arrange some exclusive experiences, answer your questions and provide you and your guests with the best Motogp Vip Village Experience.

B – Bespoke

True hospitality packages are tailor made on your needs so don’t be afraid to ask for a personal shuttle to the circuit, for a helicopter to take your CEO straight in the action. motogp-hospitality-packages

C – Corporate

What is Corporate Hospitality? A day at the races is the perfect tool for any company or brand. It is a great way to reward your staff and a great incentive for your top customers or prospects ( read more: The Abcs of Sports Marketing in 2017)

D – Dress code

Although there are no specific rules on how you should dress in a MotoGP Paddock, a casual outfit is recommended (no tank tops or flip-flops). Khakis and plain shirt always do the job.

E – Eating

Bars, kiosks and sandwich carts are aplenty out of the racetracks. However, remember that within the paddock there are restricted catering gigs. So, either you are a VIP Village guest (which we strongly recommend) or you’ll have to find a solution in order to grab a bite. We can help, and give you a couple ideas.

F – Finish Line

Where it all begins, and where it all ends. If it’s a thriller you’re looking for, the finish line is where you have to be to witness the roar of the start and the pure joy of the finish. Here, VIP Village pass holders can enjoy a superb private grandstand for their viewing pleasure.

G – Garages

Garages are the beating heart of a racing weekend: these ultra-private locations hide MotoGP’s best-kept secrets and feature state-of-the-art tech. Access is strictly forbidden to fans but also to regular Paddock Pass holders, as only super selected guests of the teams are allowed into the premises. However, if you want to pay a visit, you can give us a ring.

H – Hospitality

MotoGP Hospitality Packages and programmes are the ideal way of winning new clients or of gaining your partners’ loyalty by reserving a ringside seat for them at the major sports events. They offer a suitable environment for overcoming the professional barriers of the client-supplier relationship, for forging strong and long-lasting relationships with your guests, for providing exciting moments in the life of business and for reaching a new agreement more smoothly.

I – International

For nine months, the MotoGP VIP Village scoots around the world with the MotoGP Championship, providing the same top-notch services and entertainment to clients and guests. So, it does not matter if you’re in Japan or Tuscany: you will enjoy all the quality of gourmet food and the excitement of the entertainment program.


The Austrian Team, heavily backed by energy drink giant Red Bull, will make their official premier class debut in the 2017 season, although a glimpse of their challenger already hit the tarmac during the post-Valencia tests in late 2016.

L – Lane (pit)

The Pit Lane is the small strip of tarmac connecting the garages and the track. From here, bikes and riders launch into the circuit, under the alert eye of the pitwall, the small control center each team has located onto the main straight. VIP Village pass holders can access the Pit Lane during the Pit Lane Walk, an exclusive service of the MotoGP VIP Village. motogp-hospitality

M – Motor Homes

Differently from F1 drivers, who sleep in hotels, MotoGP riders enjoy their bit of track life and sleep and relax in motorhomes parked right in the paddock. Far from being sloppy caravans for Sunday campers, these wonders feature big-screen tvs, Playstations, Wi-fi networks, hardwood floors and are more spacious than the room I’m writing from. Obviously the most photographed is Valentino Rossi’ Casaquarantasei.

N – Networking

The paddock is a perfect place to secure great B2B opportunities. Think of it as a private club where CEOs and businessmen can discuss business while enjoying the pleasure of weekend of racing.

O – Overseas

Races outside of Europe are called “overseas”. The outlook of the paddock during these weekend is slightly different, as teams cannot ship their gear and equipment via their standard trucks, and have to fly their stuff via plane.

P – Paddock

Properly speaking, the MotoGP Paddock is the enclosed area behind the pits where the Teams and the organization keep their transporters, motor homes, hospitality facilities and gear. Access to the paddock is via Paddock Pass only and regular fans are not allowed in this area. Paddock Passes can be permanent or single-event, and are given to official personnel, staff and guests of the teams and the organizers and can not be purchased or sold. motogp-hospitality

Q – Qualifying

Qualifying are one of the most exciting moments of a race weekend. On Saturday afternoon teams and riders battle each other one fastest lap at a time to secure front row starts for the big day after. So, if you are a VIP Village guest book your gig for Saturday as well: you will not regret it.

R – RTR Sports

We have been in the Paddock for more than 15 years and are an Official MotoGP VIP Village agency. Give us a ring or drop us a line if you want more information about MotoGP hospitality packages and want to book your seat at the next Grand Prix.

S – Safety

The aspect of safety is way too often underestimated but motorsports can be dangerous. Always stick to the instructions of the Staff, do not enter restricted access areas and always use a careful eye if you are strolling about in the paddock (riders and staff use scooters to quickly zoom from their motorhome to their garages).

T – Trucks

Everything you see or enter is either a truck or has been shipped by trucks. These road giants truly are a masterpiece of industrial engineering and, when parked, quickly evolve in luxurious hospitality venues,  state-of-the-art offices and hyper technological garages.

U – UK

MotoGP Vip Village Silverstone. Along with other mega-fascinating tracks such as Mugello or Assen, Silverstone is a place full of charme and racing history. Located halfway between London and Birmingham, this splendid venue can mix great heritage and high tech, making the Great Britain Grand Prix a remarkable event in the calendar.

V – VIP Village

The VIP Village represents the excellence in the MotoGP Hospitality world and  the most exclusive place to meet your clients, with exclusive locations, catering of the highest quality and superb entertainment.

X – X2 Ducati

If you’ve been to a MotoGP grand Prix before, you might have seen the double-seated Ducati X2 speeding around the track. These modified bikes, in which a lucky guest can find place right behind a Ducati rider, are part of a very successful activation program put on by Ducati’s main sponsor. Needless to say, the experience is the one of a lifetime, but is invite-only.

W – Worth it

Yes, hospitality packages are absolutely worth it, no matter if you’re a private client buying a VIP Village pass or a marketing manager taking your best guests to the track. A day at the races is an unforgettable experience and the thrill and the excitement of being in the paddock, among the pinnacle of two-wheel racing is something you or your clients and guests will never forget. motogp-hospitality

Y – Yamaha

Possibly, the Rossi and Vinales duo is the main headline in this 2017 MotoGP season and the Iwata manufacturer is ready to battle Honda in the fight for the Crown. Of course, Rossi’s presence alone makes each and every Yamaha hospitality truck or garage a fan favorite around the world, with hundreds of screaming yellow-fellows waiting for the 46 to show up

Z – Zone access

Not all passes are created equal. All LOLs apart, there are several (usually 7) types of MotoGP Pass for each GP, providing access to different areas of the circuit (for instance: Paddock, Commercial, Grid, Media, Track and so on). Zones can be separated by fences and gates (as the paddock) or by Security Personnel and are accessible only if the correct pass is presented and electronically scanned.

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