What is a Title sponsor?

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A title sponsor (also sometimes known as a “naming sponsor”, “gold sponsor” or “worldwide sponsor”) is the most important type of sponsorship for sports team – excluding maybe they’re the kit supplier.

Because of the importance of the title sponsor position, brands taking this mantle can benefit from most of the marketing rights linked to the team – for example the team’s name and image, for use in any relevant communication activities.

In certain sports, the title sponsor may also have influence upon the name and colours of the teams’ liveries or uniforms. This is common in basketball, MotoGP, F1 and cycling, amongst other sports, but is seen less in football.

Here are some examples of how title sponsorship can be successfully utilised…

  • The logo of the title sponsor being displayed on a team’s car, bike, kit, or other official apparel
  • The logo being displayed in the team’s printed material, for example on TV backdrops, in magazines and newsletters, on posters and headed paper, and so on
  • Title sponsor featuring extensively on sports team’s website and through its social media channels
  • Title sponsor’s products frequently showcased to the team’s fans
  • The reach of the team used to leverage competitions and offers that showcase the sponsor’s products or services
  • The title sponsor having access to players, drivers, riders and athletes for events such as trade shows
  • The chance to organise hospitality events and B2B opportunities at the event in which the sports team is present or competing

Basically, as a title sponsor you will have many powerful opportunities to utilise the partnership you’ve made with the team or individual – the only limit you have will be the time and capabilities you have to implement the myriad of possibilities at your disposal!

That’s why a sponsor should always rely on experienced sports marketing agencies, who are capable of presenting solutions in a straightforward and expert manner.

This is where RTR Sports Marketing comes in. Sometimes, we see companies approaching sports sponsorship without a clear strategy – and often we see them leaving after a short time, convinced that it’s not the right solution for them.

We want to avoid this happening. After all, if you look at the list of Fortune 500 companies you’ll see that many have been involved in sports sponsorship, many as title sponsors – so it’s clear that, when managed in the correct way, this solution can be a hugely effective one. 

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Title sponsor or presenting sponsor?

What’s the difference between a title sponsor and a presenting sponsor? It’s a valid question, and one that’s asked a lot by those looking to venture into the sports sponsorship arena.

Essentially, whilst a title sponsor is likely to be the main partner of a team, a presenting sponsor is likely to be a key partner for an event. The marketing rights that are part of the sponsorship package are similar in both cases, whilst the differences might be linked to the nature of the activity and the industry of the sponsor.

Really though, the difference is in name alone – use of name or image, having the sponsor’s logo in a prominent position, appearing on the team or events’ website or social media channels and being involved with hospitality packages are all benefits that both of these types of sports sponsorship can yield.

Discover What is a Sponsorship Activation.

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