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A title sponsor (also known sometimes as “naming sponsor” or “Gold sponsor” or “worldwide sponsor”, and so on or whatever name the sports properties associate to this package) is the most important partner of a team (excluding maybe the kit supplier of the biggest soccer teams).

Hence the Title sponsor can benefit from most of the marketing rights linked to the team.

Obviously, the Title sponsor will have the right to use name fame and image of the team in any communication activities.

Also, the title sponsor may, in certain sports, dictate name and colours of the teams’ liveries or uniforms (basketball, MotoGP, F1, Cycling are just some examples, while this is not common in soccer)

Simply put:

  • The logo of the title sponsor will cover the majority of the Car, Bike or of the Team’s kit and official apparel;
  • The logo of the Title sponsor will be displayed in all the Team’s printed material;
  • The Logo of the Title will be displayed in any and each supports used by the team to show its partner (eg TV Backdrop, Team’s magazine or newsletter, Posters, Headed Paper, etc etc);
  • The Title sponsor will feature extensively in the Team’s web site, while its products or services will be frequently showcased to the team’s fans and supportesr and its website will be linked to the team’s one;
  • The Title Sponsor will have a relevant position in the social media channels of the team and the team will post on a regular basis information and curiosities about the Title Sponsor;
  • The Title sponsor may put together special offers for the Team’s  supporters and will leverage on the reach of the team on the social media to engage with them;
  • The title sponsor will have access to players, drivers and riders and in most cases will have the athletes at disposal for events, trade fairs and so on;
  • The Title sponsor will have great hospitality opportunities, making possible to organize PR, B2B and B2C activities connected to the events in which the team competes.

Long story short, the Title sponsor will have access to many powerful opportunities to exploit the sponsorship and the only limit will be represented by its capability to implement the myriad of possible activities.

That’s why a sponsor should always rely on experienced agencies capable to cut short the unavoidable learning curve and to present solutions

Sometimes we see companies approaching sponsorship without a clear strategy and we see them leaving after a short time, bruised and convinced that the tool is not working for them. If you look at the fortune 500 list you will notice that most of the companies that made the list are involved in sponsorship, it should give you some food for thought .

Title sponsor VS Presenting sponsor

This topic could be a little confusing since we are talking essentially about the same thing: the most important partner of a sport team, property or event. Generally the term “Title sponsor” is used to indicate the Main partner of a team, while Presenting sponsor is most commonly used for events. The marketing rights that are part of the sponsorship package are similar and the differences could be linked to the nature of the activity and the industry of the sponsor.

For example, if in a boxing match the presenting sponsor happens to be a TV Channel, they will also get to air the fight.
Having said that, generally speaking the base of these packages could be :

  • Use of Name, fame and image in any communication activities (marketing rights)
  • Name of the team or the event, colour scheme of team and/or event
  • Logo of the sponsor in prominent position
  • Logo of the sponsor in any printed and promotional material, such as billboards, flyers, tickets and so on
  • Web site and social media
  • Hospitality packages / tickets team kit or event’s related merchandising, etc etc…

It’s plain to see that, once again, the main difference between a Title Sponsorship and a Presenting Sponsorship is more in the naming than in the substance. As in many other cases, each property decides the sponsoring scheme and packages, with different naming solutions for each tier.

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