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Sports sponsorship activation – the basics

Once you’ve got your sports sponsorship campaign planned, you’ll need to start thinking about how you’re going to activate it – that is, how you’re going to deploy and ensure all aspects get in front of the right people at the right time. After all, you might have a fantastic team sponsorship or a great initiative around community sports – but if the word isn’t spread the reality is that it simply won’t get the recognition it deserves. And unfortunately, with so much media and internet noise in today’s world, we can no longer rely on this to happen organically.

So, what are the first things to be aware of when it comes to sports sponsorship activation?

Defining what success looks like before you start activation is key. Your objectives might be direct sales, clicks, brand awareness, or any number of other things – of course, you need to be clear about this before you activate any campaign, whatever scale or size it is.

Once you’ve done this you need to make a very detailed and concise plan, that will ensure that your campaign has the maximum impact in terms of both marketing and commercial objectives – whatever they happen to be.

sports sponsorship activation

Ensure that you have the rights and permissions from all invested parties before you begin any part of the campaign – this is vitally important because you’ll negate any of its successes if you step on people’s toes or have to backtrack on work you’ve already carried out!

Consider the following logistical questions before any sports sponsorship activation takes place:

  • Do you have the owner’s permission to use team images, video, or any other assets you might have been given?
  • Will your PR agencies be allowed to run activities, if your campaign includes an event where they plan to do so?
  • Will the team or location be available at the time you need them or it to be, and will they be willing to participate?
  • Can you use their merchandise as part of your team sponsorship?
  • Will you be able to have guests at the event, location or tournament, and if so on what scale?

Once you’ve answered these questions, it’s important to then consider how various platforms and tools can boost your sports sponsorship campaign, and how these might play into the activation process. Somethings you’ll almost want to consider include:

  • Regular press releases at key points in the campaign sent to relevant parties
  • Social media promotion targeted to the demographic you want to reach
  • Pay Per Click (PPC), which can significantly aid the amount and relevance of the people reaching your campaign
  • Further PR activities and opportunities for coverage in the press

These strategies can boost your reach, and therefore the success of your campaign. Questions to ask of them include: is this platform right for the people I want to target? How often do they use it, and for how long? Can I target specific people via this method? Is this tool, process or platform going to offer tangible results?

If all this seems complicated, it doesn’t need to be – sports activation agencies are likely to be able to help out and assist you with the majority of the sports activation process, so it’s important to utilise their expertise if you want to create and run a top sports sponsorship campaign.

Sports activation might only be part of your marketing campaign, but it’s a vital one – and it’s needed to ensure you get the most out of both your efforts and the money you’ve invested buying the rights to your particular team sponsorship.

You need to think tactically, with all of the above aspects in mind. If you want to talk more about sports sponsorship activation, the team at can help.

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