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How to develop a Sponsorship Plan

If you decide (rightly) to sponsor sports, it is good to make a plan to exploit all the opportunities related to your partnership. This document is known under the name of Sponsorship Plan.

Then write everything in an excel spreadsheet and turn each line into a tactical activity important and instrumental to achieve the goals you have set yourself.

If you do not have time to reunite your team, to do some brainstorming or to check what a competitor is doing on the other side of the ocean, well you got lucky.

Take a look at the outline that I am attaching here and use it as a checklist.

It’s not complete, it does not claim to be, but it’s definitely a good basis to think about your sponsorship plan and save you some time.

Some of these elements are always present among the implementation activities of the partnership, others not as well, and some have been omitted…The game of filling the boxes is nice as long as there is space on the board…

Use this scheme profusely, remember where you found it and that, if you want to deepen and talk about the sponsorship plan and maybe what you would like to sponsor in the future, you can always find us at

Sponsorship Plan by RTR Sports


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