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Hey brands – you’re not enough for Sarah (yet)

And honestly, she’ll never spend money on your products. Here’s why.

This is Sarah. She’s 26 and from Tampere, Finland. She works as a project manager in a communication agency, and enjoys long walks, online shopping, and food blogs.

She could be the perfect customer for your products, but sadly for you she’s not choosing your brand.


Honestly, she’s just not that into you. To her eyes you’re a dime a dozen. To her you have no credibility and no unique selling points. She has no reasons to choose you above the multitudes of other brands she encounters every single day.

Also, on a side note, Sarah is amongst the thousands of women who are passionate about MotoGP – yes, amazingly she’s also into those fascinating guys in shiny leathers and speedy bikes.

She never misses a race, and when it all comes down to choosing a brand if it’s one that has been featured on the side of one of those bikes you can be guaranteed it’ll be in her bag.

The same level of interest in MotoGP sponsor brands happening amongst a massive 83% of the MotoGP audience.

It’s unsurprising, really – the huge audiences, the iconic brands, the excitement. MotoGP means quality, and brands that align themselves with it reap the rewards.

So, what about Sarah?

Well, when the drivers line up for the next race she’ll be there, waiting in anticipation – like she is every time – with her eyes glued to the screen.

She was out of your league. But all of a sudden, you could be back in the game. What are you waiting for?




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  • Alwin ps

    Iam also interested in moto gp
    And in the case of fashion also✌✌

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