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Social Media in Sports Marketing: a smart way to communicate with fans

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Social Media in Sports Marketing are an efficient way to communicate directly with fans. Teams, leagues, athletes have accounts which allow fans to connect personally. Social Media in sports marketing is a power communication tool. Today Sports Clubs and businesses are making social media marketing an important part of their marketing strategy to empower their brand awareness and promotion. Want more informations about why sport marketing works?

Real time marketing with social media.
Most fans watch the game with a phone in hand (second screen) using social media to share everything on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram… Activating fan conversations and interacting with them can help buzz and conversation, with great benefit both for teams and sponsors.

Go where the fans are, reach end encourage them to submit photos and comments. There are many strategies that sports teams have used to create an active community: live-tweeting, fan giveaways, gamification marketing.

In an article posted on Telegraph.co.uk written by By Andrew Cave and Alex Miller we find Wimbledon Social Media Stats. The number of Wimbledon mentions on Twitter has increased dramatically since 2012. Social media is the next great frontier for sports sponsorships too (to find out more on this topics click here )

wimbledon social media stats

Social Media and Sports Markeiting Statistics, the infographic below:

sports and social media infograph

Image: Nicolas Asfouri/AFP/Getty Images

To know more about social media in sports marketing and how Sports Clubs use social media strategy visit Nikolaus Eberl slides on slideshare.net, then let us know what you think in the comments:


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