Sport Sponsorship
and a focus on MotoGP

The issue of low effectiveness in traditional ADV

  • Traditional ADV is no longer effective
  • The consumer has changed
  • Companies need better tools to engage with their audiences

There are a number of indicators showing the non-efficiency of traditional advertising. A 2014 study on Super Bowl commercials points out 80% of the ads have no impact on sales whatsoever (source: BizJournal). Also, 84% of the TV audience undertakes away-from-the-screen activities during commercials.

Long story short: not only the Internet and New Media have revolutionized the marketing and communication scenario, but also the consumer’s profile changed along the years: now a more aware, tech-savvy, informed buyer.

Companies must now face a very important question, one that is key to their future: how to engage with this new customer, who is backing away from commercials and is always more “on demand”. How to impact on sales, communicating efficiently?

The solution and an impact on the bottom line

  • Sport Sponsorship is effective, and adds an emotional side to the mix
  • Sport Sponsorship conveys sport’s positive values on the brands
  • Sport Sponsorship does not interrupt customers during their favourite shows

Sport Sponsorship is effective because it helps overcome the consumer’s defensive barriers, and provides companies with a positive, efficient tool to engage with their customers in relevant moments. Sponsorship puts brands right at the very heart of the action, adding a strong emotional impact to a world-wide visibility .

Sport is the perfect tool to drive positive values on the product or company, and the perfect route to increase brand awareness. This way, cognitive and emotional aspects get together for a unique, excellent marketing tool, generating a copious amount of benefits and activation opportunities.

Thanks to its effectiveness, Sport Sponsorship is growing steadily at a staggering +5% year on year (source. IEG), fueling a global sponsorship business worth more that 62,8$ Billion. This is why most Fortune 500 companies are active in the sector.

The benefits of Sport Sponsorship


Thanks to the countless activation opportunities, to a huge scalability and to its efficiency both in B2C and B2B models, sport sponsorship provides brands with sky-high ROI and a strong impact on sales. No wonder most Fortune 500 Companies have sponsorship programs in place.


Thanks to an extensive international media coverage, specialized TV channels and magazines and an impressive online and offline following, sports are the perfect marketing and communication tool to show your brand to a global audience.


Sport overcomes all geographical and cultural barriers, offering brands the opportunity to open new markets and meet new target audiences: passion knows no boundaries or limits. Here’s why sponsorship is so effective to increase brand awareness and to create brand preference.


Sponsoring means having exclusive content, imagery and rights to build an effective and incisive communication and marketing campaign. Whether it is building a storytelling strategy for social media or throwing the perfect event, leveraging on sport’s most successful teams or athletes is a successful strategy to maximize the effects of your communication.


Hospitality packages are the perfect way to reward your best partners, treat your potential clients and to build unforgettable incentive experiences. With these kinds of services, sponsors can book first-row seats and VIP tickets for their best guests and most important stakeholders, leveraging on memorable moments to boost their business.


Sponsoring a team, athlete or sporting event means being part of an exclusive club of brands and companies sharing the same passions and goals. Encouraged by the very sport properties, connections among sponsors are extremely beneficial and easy to set up.

Sponsoring the MotoGP World Championship

The Track Record

MotoGP™ has been thrilling race fans since 1949 when it was inaugurated as the FIM Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix, and is constantly winning new fans as it continues to expand around the globe. Its 18-round season visits a total of 15 countries across five continents, showcasing the planet’s fastest motorcycle racers.


A total of 207 countries and territories received live or same-day-delayed programming of the 18 Grand Prix held in 2016, with total broadcast hours reaching 7.694. A total of 9,248 media representatives from 62 countries attended the GPs, with an average of 514 media staff attending each event. These ever-increasing figures underline the success and continued growth in interest in MotoGP™ across the world.


Big crowds consistently attend Grand Prix events around the world, with over 2.5 million spectators heading to the track in 2016 to watch MotoGP™. At 15 of the 18 GPs on the calendar, more than 100,000 spectators were in attendance at each event over the course of the weekend.

Sources: Dorna, Nielsen, CSM International

Why Sponsor MotoGP

The outstanding international media coverage and a premium value system (youth, innovation, passion, dynamism, excitement, technology) and countless activation opportunities make MotoGP Sponsorship truly a 360° marketing tool.

MotoGP followers are young and loyal (42% have been following the sport for the last 2-5 years, while an average spectator watches 14 out of 18 races per season), as much as engaged with MotoGP sponsors and brands.

68% of the public bought a product due to MotoGP™ Sponsoring and 83% of the audience would tend to choose a brand because they associate it with MotoGP™

Sponsoring MotoGP

What are the rewards?

Being a MotoGP sponsor means having an astonishing array of marketing opportunities generating impressive ROI.

Far from being just a sticker on a bike, a sponsorship program in the MotoGP World Championship is a fully-customized project, tailor made around the brand’s marketing and commercial goals.

Sponsorship, when done right, keeps track branding and positioning needs, and successfully combines brands awareness, customer engagement and B2B opportunities resulting in brand preference and an increase on sales.

Thanks to the sport’s huge popularity, to its main characters’ charisma and appeal and to the immense love of its supporters and fans, the MotoGP World Championship is a superb marketing and communication moving platform, visiting 15 Countries across 9 months of fierce competitions across 5 continents.

Nonetheless, the continuous, excellent production of imagery, video and content, makes MotoGP Sponsorship the perfect tool for those companies wishing to enlarge their online fanbase and their social media following, contributing to an efficient storytelling strategy and great content marketing.

“Sport sponsorship means the acquisition of rights to affiliate or directly associate with a product, person, organization, team, league or event for the purpose of deriving benefits related to that affiliation or association”
– Mullin, Hardy, Sutton (2007)

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