Welcome to RTR Sports Marketing…

RTR Sports Marketing is a world-leader in marketing for sports and sports sponsorship. For over 20 years, our dedicated team has been using its expertise to help companies achieve their goals.

How do we do this?

By using sport as a winning communication tool. It brings people together, after all – and it really works.

So, why sports marketing?

Sport is one of the most powerful marketing communication tools that you can use. We only need to cast our minds back to any recent major sporting event to remind ourselves how effective sports can be in reaching a wide and targeted audience.  RTR Sports Marketing knows how to utilise this to its full effect.

And where do we come in?

RTR Sports Marketing provides sports sponsorship services for both big and small companies. So, are you looking for an innovative and exciting way to boost your business – but one that is also reliable enough to guarantee real rewards? If so, we can find an effective solution that fits your brand’s ethos. We’re ready to talk whenever you are!

Meet the RTR Sports Marketing team

RTR Sports Marketing is made up of enthusiastic, knowledgeable people – let us introduce ourselves…


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