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Which sports should I sponsor?

Which type of sports sponsorships should I go for? Very often we are asked this question…. But there is no right answer to it. Because every Company is different and every client has different objectives and needs and there are different types of sponsorship.

types of sports sponsorship

Types of Sponsorship

Few words to clarify the concept. Let’s say that there is a company selling only very expensive machinery, they are well established and well known to their niche market. They don’t need to be known by the public at large but they can use hospitality packages to entertain few selected clients or potential clients around the world. They do not need high visibility on the shirt, car or bike, but they could benefit from some services and some marketing rights. In a few words they do not need to be a Major Sponsor.

Types of Sponsorship Packages

There are different types of sports sponsorship. The sponsorship package they should go for could be described as an official partner package (names and levels of sponsorship packages are given by the sport properties at their will so it could be confusing).

What is sponsorship in Sport? 

The official partner package generally contains the right to use name, fame and image of the property in any communication activities (previous approval), some visibility on the communication material (headed paper, printed materials, calendars etc etc), some visibility on the digital channels (logo/link on the web site , some visibility and posts on social media), hospitality services and other benefits that are discussed on a one to one basis.

So which type of sponsorship package do you need? Which are the types of sponsorship level or categories?

Sports Sponsorship Categories

Categories of Sports Sponsorship. If the Team or the agency asks the right questions they will guide the client through different categories of sponsorship opportunities that are generally named as follow.

5 Categories of Sponsorship:

  • Title sponsor;
  • Main sponsor;
  • official Sponsor;
  • official partner;
  • technical partner, and so on (communication partner, mobility partner etc etc)…

The next questions are: which sport should I sponsor? Should I sponsor a team or an Athlete? Should I go for a Championship or an organization or for someone who competes in It? We will have time to write about it in the next days…for the time being, just think about the different sports as different media with different targets and choose the sport most followed by your clients.

What are the advantages of sponsorship?

Sponsor the sport loved by your customers and build an emotional link with them. What are the benefits a sponsor can receive from sponsoring sports? You will be much more appreciated by your target by embedding your brand in an activity that they like than stopping them from watching what they have chosen to watch. It is INCLUSION VS INTRUSION .

So by linking your brand to something that your customers love and given the right time, your product or service will first become familiar and then preferred by the customers/followers of the team, discipline or championship in which you are involved. The end result is the development of brand preference resulting in intention to buy and or purchase.

Even this topic will be dealt with in the future, keep reading the blog at

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