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Sports marketing, an introduction

One way to define sports marketing is through the array of actions that companies carry out to communicate to their target audiences using sports. The company can have either commercial or marketing objectives, most of the time both.

As you can see it is quite a generic definition, encompassing many different activities that brands implement accordingly to their objectives. 

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What is meant by sponsorship in sport? 

sports sponsorship activation

What is sponsorship?

Sponsorship meant as the display of a company’s logo on a shirt or car is often misunderstood as the pinnacle of a sports marketing plan. However, it is only the beginning and sometimes it is not necessary to reach the company’s goals.

Any and each activity based on the relationship between the sponsor and the team can be named as a sports marketing activity. Few words to better explain the concept. Let’s say you are partnering a Premiere League team and you run a sales promotion for your customers.  For that promotion, you will be offering the winners some prizes linked to your partnership with the team (signed shirts, memorabilia, etc). This is a very common case of sponsorship activation, and a tool of sports marketing, or marketing through sports.

What is sports sponsorship activation?

A Sports Sponsorship programme is a part of sports marketing and sports sponsorship activation and is formed by the tactical activities that the sponsors devise to exploit to the fullest the marketing rights derived from the sponsorship. Sports Sponsorship Activations are activated by sponsorship activation agency

There are different sponsorship trends and ways to activate sports sponsorship for a successful activation, some of these rights are:

  • The right to use name, fame and image of the sponsored team
  • The possibility to run PR operations at the game or event
  • The right to run promotional activities using the team
  • The possibility to have guests at the event
  • The possibility to use team’s merchandise in their promotional activities or otherwise


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Sponsorship activation Best Practices

The activation of a sport sponsorship requires careful planning in order to maximize the impact companies can have in terms of image (marketing objectives) and in terms of sales (commercial objectives).

The use of digital platforms can amplify and boost the reach and the power of such a program, leveraging on other tools such as:

  • Press releases at the beginning and through the year .
  • Use of team in ADV
  • PR Activities and Sponsorship Digital Activation
  • Promotional activities


Any and each activity you devise, plan and implement using the team you are sponsoring will go under the sports sponsorship activation file.

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